Saturday, 2 August 2014

Does Prayer Help ?

:) Sri Ramakrishna used to say that one should pray to Lord like a child. Cry and request him for help... Surrendering totally. God provides help.

Have devotion to a single God. Don't jump from one God to Another. Have a single God and a single mantra and regularly repeat.

This is if you have a desire you want to fulfill with God's grace.

But the problem with samsara [worldly objects], is , its like a dilapidated house ... you patch it at one place and it starts to give away from another end. So if a person tries to keep the samsara from falling off, that is impossible... we pray now from one thing ... something else seems to drift ! So we move to that again! This process of praying and waiting for results continues endlessly.

So somewhere ... if one wants to live a life of contentment ... one has to give up everything into the hands of God. Then alone can one discover rest. Because, then one says "You take care of all this as you choose to"... and God takes care in some way... the house may fall and you may end up sitting under a tree, but happy or someone may take you to another house !

so ... here is something very subtle: yes God's Grace helps ... but as long as we seek worldly objects from God ... its like a thristy person seeking to see a glass of water in a mirror. God might show the glass of water in the mirror but it wont quench the thirst! If you want true quenching of thirst ... give up running after the worldly objects and rest in the embrace of God. That embrace is free , you dont even have to pray.

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