Sunday, 10 August 2014

Remainig Aloof To The Demands Of Mind

Mind always says "I want this and i dont want this"
some times it will say "i dont want world, I want God"
another time it will say "I dont want God, I want world"
both the people are at the same level because both are "commanded" by mind.
A true spiritual person is one who is able to detach himself from mind and who does not see a need to
pacify the mind.

Just because my mind says "I want god and not the world" , I do not become a spiritual person.
I become a spiritual person [in its true sense] when I remain aloof to the demands of the mind.
A true sadhaka is not he who "feels" God is important. Because, The feeling passes away, thats how mind is.
A true sadhaka is the one who has the freedom to remain detached from the mental feelings! In other words
you command the mind and the mind cannot command you!

True Freedom is "being a master of the mind" meaning to be able to stand unattached with the mind.

Vedantic Style Of Living In The Present Moment

I am sure many of us were deeply influenced by the book "Power of Now". I read it too and I loved it.
Living in the present moment is indeed Freedom, Liberated living.

The Vedantic style of living in the present moment is what I call "The inverted style" ... Please see ...

Live in the present moment ... in the now ... is such a simple suggestion, and yet people who knows this do not stand liberated there and then :) --- Vedanta however tackles it in the inverted style ... it asks "What takes you away from the PRESENCE"

The essential teaching of Vedanta is "YOU ARE THE PRESENCE"
and so ... you cannot be anything else.

To understand the difference ... lets try an experiment...
suppose i sit down in a room, close my eyes and decide to not move out. What can move me out of the room?

1. First of all, without a thought i cannot move out.
2. Even if there is a thought i need not move out.

The first case is obvious. Lets take point (2) and look deeper.... if there is a thought i need not move. Even when there is a thought, i need not "Accept" the thought and yet, thoughts seem to carry me away from the Present moment ...

So vedanta asks "Who is this "I" that is getting carried away by thoughts"

This is famously called Self Inquiry and is popularized by Ramana though its present at various places in Vedanta if one is a keen observer.

Who is this "I" that is getting carried away by thoughts ... inquiring ... with the aid of a proper teacher and shastric teaching ... one sees that there is none ! There being no one to move away from present moment ... what else can one be other than the presence !!

To live in the present moment ... one need not become extraordinarily slow ... one need not pause for 10 mins between lines ! One just has to see that there is only the Presence ... there is none else !! Thus living becomes a long holiday ... here and now living itself is meditation!


Friday, 8 August 2014

Without Realization How Can I perceive the mind as unreal ?

Realization of Truth does not take place until one stops believing that manas is me. Unless one starts to look at the manas as a shadow ... it continues to appear real! It is like a shadow taken to be a ghost. The shadow continues to lurk as a ghost unless i decide to stop believing that it is a ghost.

Annamalai Swami, a direct disciple of Ramana, says :

How to give up this false idea that mind is real ?
Annamalai Swami Answers: the same way that you give up any wrong idea. you simply stop believing in it. if this does not happen spontaneously when u hear the truth from a teacher, keep telling yourself "i am not the mind, i am not the mind. There is no mind; there is no mind. consciousness alone exists". if you have firm conviction that this is the truth, one day this firm conviction will mature to the point where it becomes your direct experience.
We perpetuate the idea that world is real, mind is real by believing it. They thrive upon over interest and attention. I give them the reality on the one hand and i myself want to see it as unreal! On the one hand i tell myself that i am mind and on the other hand i look for a way to "Transcend mind" !!
Do we see this please ?

When there are thoughts of agitation ... we say I am agitated.
when there is a relative calm in mind ... we say I am calm.
And we want to keep mind calm always ...
or kill the mind , as if its something Real.

and since we believe it to be so, it appears to be so. If you believe that the shadow is a ghost and see it as a ghost ... it appears like a ghost. if one stops believing its a ghost ... it eventually would be seen as a shadow. There is no ghost.

Mind is not you ... mind is "Witnessed By You" ... Leave it alone ... give it no attention ... it is helpless !!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Does Prayer Help ?

:) Sri Ramakrishna used to say that one should pray to Lord like a child. Cry and request him for help... Surrendering totally. God provides help.

Have devotion to a single God. Don't jump from one God to Another. Have a single God and a single mantra and regularly repeat.

This is if you have a desire you want to fulfill with God's grace.

But the problem with samsara [worldly objects], is , its like a dilapidated house ... you patch it at one place and it starts to give away from another end. So if a person tries to keep the samsara from falling off, that is impossible... we pray now from one thing ... something else seems to drift ! So we move to that again! This process of praying and waiting for results continues endlessly.

So somewhere ... if one wants to live a life of contentment ... one has to give up everything into the hands of God. Then alone can one discover rest. Because, then one says "You take care of all this as you choose to"... and God takes care in some way... the house may fall and you may end up sitting under a tree, but happy or someone may take you to another house !

so ... here is something very subtle: yes God's Grace helps ... but as long as we seek worldly objects from God ... its like a thristy person seeking to see a glass of water in a mirror. God might show the glass of water in the mirror but it wont quench the thirst! If you want true quenching of thirst ... give up running after the worldly objects and rest in the embrace of God. That embrace is free , you dont even have to pray.